Creating the Roadmap for Nigeria's Derivatives Market

NG Clearing acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in the derivatives market. As the intermediary, or counterparty, NG Clearing is the buyer for every seller as well as the seller for every buyer in every trade.

By acting as the counterparty for every trade, NG Clearing helps you mitigate counterparty risk by maintaining a matched book and risk-neutral position. You do not have to worry about the other end of your trade falling through, because NG Clearing is always on the other end.

Risk Management

NG Clearing Limited performs this by having strong risk management frameworks that focused on effective and efficient identification, measurement, monitoring, reporting and control of financial risks.

Collateral Management

NG Clearing will calculate a margin requirement in respect of each clearing member, and the clearing member must satisfy the margin requirement through the posting of collateral.

Clearing Services

We deploy bespoke and state of art risk management services that complies with global best practices to help achieve maximum capital efficiencies and manages multiple risks to acceptable limit


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