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Our Role as a CCP in the Nigerian Financial Ecosystem

Our central role is to improve the safety of our market by delivering best-in-class post-trade services that manages counterparty credit risk and reduces systemic risk. To mitigate these counterparty credit risks in an efficient and robust manner, we will interpose ourselves as a guarantor to both parties in a transaction, thus ensuring the successful execution of derivatives and other trades from various trade points in Nigeria.

Our Process

We clear transactions submitted to us from trade venues. “Clearing” is the process by which the respective obligations of the buyer and the seller are established i.e. what each buyer and seller is obliged to deliver, and by when, in order to settle the trade. This process may also involve the netting of obligations of the buyer and the seller to the smallest number of obligations to be performed at settlement; and essentially guarantee the settlement of the trade even if one of the counterparties to the trade becomes insolvent or otherwise fails to perform its obligations in respect of that trade. It will do so by interposing itself between the trading counterparties and taking margin to cover the risks of a counterparty’s default. If one counterparty defaults, NG Clearing will use the margin provided by the defaulting counterparty to fund the continuing settlement of the trade with the non-defaulting counterparty.

Our role exposes us to a range of market risks, including the potential failure of one or more large clearing members. We rely heavily on financial collateral to cover exposures to members. The value of collateral provided by clearing members is linked to the changing risks of trades and market conditions. NG Clearing will also maintain “default funds” or “guarantee funds”, contributed by clearing members, which provide a ‘cushion’ against extraordinary losses.

Benefits of using NG Clearing

Robust Risk Management

Robust Risk Management Framework, involving properly stress-tested risk management methodologies, applied by skilled risk management and operations teams that enables NG Clearing to calculate and collect appropriate collateral to protect a participant from the default of its counterparty in a transaction


Operational Efficiency that offers low-cost clearing is provided by a fee regime that is competitive; at all times, we have sufficient financial resources, including collateral and any default fund, to cover risk exposures

Reliable Technology

Modern and Reliable Technology used by NG Clearing minimises delays and downtime. Processing capacity is capable of providing clearing services for different exchanges across asset classes and volumes


Operational and Business Resilience: We have operational resources in place to ensure that we can continue to operate at all times necessary to support the functioning of the markets that we support and the settlement of the contracts effected on those markets.