Working at NG Clearing

Our posture is driven, yet stable; serene, yet strong – our commitment to achieving our business objectives, goes hand-in-hand with helping our employees attain enviable heights in knowledge and personal development.

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

We understand that being an employer of choice goes beyond the regular pay package. It involves listening, training, mentoring, a genuine concern for what people really care about, and acting upon them. In essence, it involves connecting to people’s hearts.

Intellectually Stimulating Work

The work we do will give employees a sense of purpose; they will be personally motivated to keep reaching for more, in the quest to provide solutions to challenges in our markets

Developing leadership

We aim to groom our employees to be leaders wherever they are and as such, we preach and practice the right behaviours, and give opportunity to each one to first, lead themselves and subsequently, others.

Equity and fairness in remuneration

We recognize the effort that goes into acquiring skills and experience, and so do our best to reward our employees equitably and maintain competitive pay.

Friendly environment

We realize how much time employees spend at work, and constantly seek ways to make the work environment worth looking forward to, while creating memorable experiences to be relived.

Committed to you

We aim to provide unparalleled support for our employees as they navigate the realities that come with each stage of their lives because we believe that they can only give their best to the company, when they are, and feel their best.

Our Ideal employee is IC2E Personified!

Our employees are a key ingredient for gaining the trust of our stakeholders and delivering on our promise for safety and resilience in the markets. Therefore, our ideal employee must:

  • Understand and exemplify our core values (Innovation, Customer Centricity, Collaboration and Excellence) especially when no one is watching.
  • Be collaborative worker and appreciate the role our unity, as a team, impacts on the delivery of value to our stakeholdersstomer-centricity
Matching Skill to Opportunity

NGClearing Stories

Hear our employees share their stories of motivation and aspiration, and experience what makes them passionate about working at NGC.